BHCC is committed to ride safety. In the middle of 2017, our Ride Committee worked to create some guidelines for us all when we ride with BHCC.

Please have a read and let us know any feedback or questions you may have.

Calls & Signals:

All riders must know the signals and calls

The front rider/s call obstacles, traffic and road conditions for the group, i.e. hole, debris on road, traffic lights, intersection.

The message and signal should follow down the line – “Slowing, stopping, shift out, car left, car right, bollards, rabbits on path” etc

Essentially the riders on the front and rear are interim “leaders” of the bunch – if they call it, the group does it!

The rear rider/s call traffic and road conditions for the group – “clear behind, car back” etc

Group dynamics and Safe distances:

Consider and observe the actions and behaviour of the riders around you. The more you ride with others the greater ‘feel’ you will have for their style (eg. Rider ‘x’ gets out of the saddle on rises which pushes their bike backwards.)

Don’t ride too close to the rider in front. The exact distance may vary depending on conditions but as a guide… 1 wheel length as a standard

Watch for overlapping wheels especially in cross winds. In the cross winds – leave more space.

On any descent (eg. small downhill on Lake Rd, medium descent on Shell Rd, steep descent on Vickery’s Rd) leave more space (greater than 2 bike lengths).

Ride speed:

At the start of a ride, or when riders are joining at designated points – build the speed at a rate that enables everyone to warm up and join the bunch comfortably and safely.

There is to be no “half wheeling” (ie. Riding a half a wheel in front of the person beside you)…

The 2 riders on the front of the group ride square to one another and this is repeated down the line/bunch.

When it’s your turn to roll across at the front just maintain speed, don’t speed up.

All riders be aware that the rider dropping back from the front will ease their speed slightly.  It should only be slight.

Maintain the group pace…the ride pace should be steady.  No free wheeling when on the front.

This also applies to downhill – keep pedalling as the group behind will generally be ‘on the brakes’ as a result of the aerodynamics benefit, particularly heavier riders.

Extra info:

Riders must have a working head light and flashing rear light. Ideally the headlight will be ‘turned down’ except when you are riding ‘on the front’. This reduces shadowing and improves visibility in the bunch.