On one day every November the ranks of BHCC riders are significantly boosted and the route chosen by club members for the day is dramatically different from our usual rides around the region.

This day – fabled far and wide, much anticipated and meticulously planned – is none other than the BHCC Christmas Party.

It’s on wheels, naturally, as a huge, happy group comprising the riders, wives, (someone said WAGs once but we have husbands along on this day as well), partners and kids roll through town from venue to venue.

At each stop there’s food and drink and fun in parks, by the beach and in people’s gardens. Riders’ hitherto hidden talents for mixing cocktails, making sushi and catering for the masses come to the fore as various groups are assigned at particular locations to entertain the touring party as a whole.

The legendary last stop, at the river park pergola, is where everything escalates to a whole new level and Greg, a dedicated rider who just happens to also own the local ice cream shop, becomes the club’s most popular – and busiest – member!

His ice cream is a huge hit with the kids – small and tall alike – and provides the perfect conclusion to a day that can be talked about for months. At least six. Right up to the time we begin discussing the next one!